Authorized Line LUMINEQ / BENEQ

Sensible Micro is proud to be an authorized supplier of Lumineq®, a business unit of Atomic Layer Deposition equipment (ALD) supplier Beneq®. Headquartered in Finland, Lumineq has been the world’s leading manufacturer and developer of thin film electroluminescent (TFEL) displays for decades. 

Always on the cutting edge, Lumineq has also turned the rugged build of TFELs into transparent electroluminescent (TASEL) displays, bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds. Lumineq’s TASELs—the most transparent displays in the world—break the design boundaries of conventional displays, and are ideal for high-end applications. 

TASELs can also turn any glass surface, such as windshields, side windows, or doors, into interactive, see-through displays. Not only do these displays improve information flow and safety, putting critical information right in the line of sight, they also provide better ergonomics, especially in tight spaces. 

Industries Supported


In-glass transparent displays can be laminated to the windshield of tractors to improve the ergonomics for operators and operating safety in general.


Transparent displays can be added to optical devices such as range finders, scopes, head-mounted displays, and telescopes to bring digital information into the line of sight.


In-glass transparent displays can be laminated to the windshield, side windows, sunroofs, and doors offering interactive see-through displays and 360-degree viewing angles.


Rugged displays offer easily accessible navigational information for captains and are tough enough to endure extremely hot, cold, and/or humid conditions.


Transparent displays applied to cockpit windows in airplanes and helicopters tolerate high impacts and altitudes, and enable pilots to see crucial information quickly in their line of sight.

Mission Critical

Rugged displays are ideal for aircrafts, armoured vehicles, naval ships, and other applications where military-grade excellence is required and fluctuating temperatures, humidity, and vibrations are common.

Transparent Displays

By breaking the design boundaries of conventional displays, Lumineq transparent displays are ideal for high-end applications needing a subtle look. They provide a first-class viewing experience, and are customizable to fulfill your requirements.

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Rugged Displays

Lumineq rugged displays tolerate cold, pressure, shock, and vibrations better than any other display type, and can survive up to 200 g-force shock and 250,000 hour mean time between failures (MTBF) for the display glass. Rugged displays perform from -60°C to +105°C (-76°F to +221°F) with no motion blur and instant pixel response over the entire temperature range. In addition, they possess sunlight readability and extremely wide viewing angles in all conditions.

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In-Glass Displays

The most transparent displays in the world, Lumineq in-glass displays are ideal for high-end applications where aesthetics and a first-class viewing experience are important. These displays improve ergonomics within cockpits and driver environments, and reduce clutter to provide a clear view of the surroundings.

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Custom Displays

Have a special application or need a specific size and shape? Lumineq custom displays enable you to design your own display, including the graphics and information that’s visible, while maintaining the benefits of our TFEL technology.

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