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Sensible Micro is proud to be an authorized supplier of Wall Industries products.  Since 1961, Wall has used its team of skilled design engineers to innovate and manufacture a full line of DC DC converters and AC DC power supplies.

Placing an emphasis on modified standards and custom solutions, Wall has been able to find or create a power supply to fit unique needs. Over the years, they have powered applications in the aerospace, military, high technology, communications, electronics, industrial, medical, and energy industries with design and manufacturing facilities in North America and Asia Pacific.

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Industries Supported


Wall Industries create high-quality power solutions, from assembly tools to heavy manufacturing equipment, for industrial and manufacturing companies. Products can be customized to fit into any industrial application or environment, even when obstacles like power surges and strict size and weight requirements are present. Some customized projects Wall Industries has completed include an automated screwdriver, water purification and chlorination equipment, and material handling conveyor belts.

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Wall Industries provides ruggedized, high quality power solutions and custom-made electronics to power military and defense applications over air, land, and sea. Popular custom products include GPS units for military vehicles, ground mobile equipment, navigation devices, and 7KW Military Ground Mobile.

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Wall Industries offers a wide-array of highly reliable power solutions necessary for life saving equipment. Each unit is 100% burned in and load tested, offering customers the medical power solutions they need. Popular custom items include medical device power supplies, medical device power converters, and medical device uninterrupted power supplies (UPS).

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Whether assistance is needed in automating difficult, dangerous, or time consuming tasks, Wall Industries, Inc. can provide a solution with a comprehensive line of industrial robotics.

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Wall Industries offers LED lighting with the ability to withstand harsh and challenging environments. These lighting solutions can be used in industrial or commercial lighting applications.

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Level VI

Whether you’re going green or providing garden variety energy to your community, Wall Industries recognizes that the world’s energy sources are shifting. The company’s engineers are now designing new ways to power our planet, inspired by the adoption of wind, air, and solar energy capture. Wall Industries is committed to working with other companies to discover new ways to power devices and create energy cleanly and efficiently.

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Wall Industries provides a wide range of high efficiency, highly reliable DC-DC converters that are suitable for railway applications.

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Vehicle Power

From the desert to the city, Wall’s highly reliable vehicle power sources keep buses, rovers, and trucks running effectively in ruggedized environments. Our products offer ultra wide input voltage ranges, allowing users to operate with a variety of source voltages.

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DC-DC Converters

Wall offers one of the most comprehensive custom product capabilities in the power converter industry, with power ranging from 1 watt to 7 kilowatts (kW) and beyond. They offer standard products: high-density designs, complete brick family: 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and full brick. Features include 2:1 and 4:1 input ranges, high efficiencies up to 93 percent, with single and multiple outputs. Additional options include remote on/off, continuous short circuit protection, remote sense, external trim, and sync options.

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AC-DC Power Supplies

With power ranges from 1 watt to 3 kilowatts (kW) and beyond, these high-reliability power supplies are available in open card, cased, and in some series, encapsulated. Features include universal input, soft start, single and multiple outputs. All open card and cased switchers are agency approved.

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Custom Solutions

With a team of electrical and mechanical engineering experts, Wall Industries offers fully customizable power design capabilities. The company’s team uses proven design topologies and concepts to create a solution to your power requirement needs. If customers don’t have a specification, Wall helps determine the necessary requirements and develops the best possible solution.

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Visit Wall Industries to learn more about their products and their commitment to innovation and customization.