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Authorized Line GEYER

Sensible Micro is proud to be an authorized supplier for Geyer Electronic, a leading manufacturer of quartz crystals, oscillators, and ceramic resonators.

Since 1964, the Germany-headquartered Geyer has earned a reputation for not only being cost-competitive, but for supplying premium products with unparalleled quality. This dedication to their craft has enabled Geyer to expand operations into France, Hungary, India, the Netherlands, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Additionally, Geyer Electronic has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification.

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Industries Supported


Quartz Crystals

Products include the Geyer KX-3T crystal model which has been awarded “Product of the Year 2019” by German professional electronics journal, Elektronik. The crystal is ultra-compact and is specially designed for IoT applications in the field of wireless LAN, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Short Range Wireless, mobile communication, and Wearables.

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Finding a long-lasting crystal oscillator can be a challenge, as time, mechanical stress, mass transfer, and contamination can all compromise performance. Geyer offers a superior crystal oscillator and even guarantees long lifecycle support.

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Ceramic Resonators

A smaller, lower cost alternative to quartz crystals, ceramic resonators come in surface-mount and through-hole varieties.

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Visit Geyer to learn more about quartz crystals and oscillators.