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5 Things Electronic Component Buyers Should Demand From Their Suppliers

Many companies tolerate the inconvenience of juggling a collection of suppliers and vendors that each excel in different ...

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Here's the Secret Sauce Your Electronic Component Procurement Strategy is Missing

Component procurement is built on trust. You need to know that the components you’re sourcing are authentic, quality ...

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4 Procurement Tips to Turn Electronic Component Buyers Into Rockstars

Electronic component distributors, suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers have all experienced heavy disruption from the ...

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SMC Returns As Official Sponsor For 2021 Valspar Championship

Sensible Micro is proud to announce its continued sponsorship at the 2021 Valspar Championship, an official 2021 PGA TOUR ...

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The Motherboard Shortage & Resilience in the Electronics Supply Chain

Supply chains across most industries felt the substantial impact of COVID-19 at every level of production. In 2020, ...

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Does Your Electronic Component Distributor Really Know Medical Tech?

Industry restrictions carefully regulate the design and manufacturing of medical devices to ensure their efficacy and ...

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6 Benefits of On-Site Electronic Component Testing With Sensible Micro

At Sensible Micro, we’ve set out to redefine what it means to be a components distributor. We can quickly source precise ...

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9 Key Medical Supply Chain KPIs For the Economic Recovery

A recent report from Supply Chain Dive emphasized the importance of electronics supply chain upgrades (redundancy, agility, ...

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Why Hybrid Distribution = Accurate, Fast & Reliable Service

The gradual movement of worldwide commerce to the internet has profoundly impacted the electronics supply chain. With more ...

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Industry News: AKM Plant Fire

On Tuesday, October 20th, a fire broke out at the AKM Semiconductor factory in Nobeoka-shi, Japan. AKM Semiconductor, a ...

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ANSI/ESD S20.20 Certified Distributor

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a quick electrical shock given off by a person or other 'charged' object. In the ...

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Electronic Component Testing: Low Power Electrical

Electrical testing can be used to identify suspect parts and aid in counterfeit mitigation. It can also be used to determine ...

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