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Have Excess Inventory? Find a Trusted Electronic Components Buyer.

Are surplus electronic parts and components burning a hole in your pocket? Is the warehouse full and stock not moving?  ...

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What It’s Like to Work at Sensible Micro

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work at one of Inc 500’s Fastest Growing Tech Companies? Well, you’re in the ...

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3 Purchasing Strategies That Help Electronic Component Buyers Do More With Less

The bottom line is king in the supply chain, but it takes more than a low price point to protect your budget for electronic ...

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Navigating the Global Semiconductor Shortage

Semiconductors, chips, and capacitors continue to experience unprecedented (but not unexpected) shortages worldwide in the ...

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Authorized Line Spotlight: Reflex CES

Sensible Micro is always evaluating authorized lines to maintain a card full of well-trusted brands and products. As of ...

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5 Things Electronic Component Buyers Should Demand From Their Suppliers

Many companies tolerate the inconvenience of juggling a collection of suppliers and vendors that each excel in different ...

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Here's the Secret Sauce Your Electronic Component Procurement Strategy is Missing

Component procurement is built on trust. You need to know that the components you’re sourcing are authentic, quality ...

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4 Procurement Tips to Turn Electronic Component Buyers Into Rockstars

Electronic component distributors, suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers have all experienced heavy disruption from the ...

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SMC Returns As Official Sponsor For 2021 Valspar Championship

Sensible Micro is proud to announce its continued sponsorship at the 2021 Valspar Championship, an official 2021 PGA TOUR ...

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The Motherboard Shortage & Resilience in the Electronics Supply Chain

Supply chains across most industries felt the substantial impact of COVID-19 at every level of production. In 2020, ...

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Does Your Electronic Component Distributor Really Know Medical Tech?

Industry restrictions carefully regulate the design and manufacturing of medical devices to ensure their efficacy and ...

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6 Benefits of On-Site Electronic Component Testing With Sensible Micro

At Sensible Micro, we’ve set out to redefine what it means to be a components distributor. We can quickly source precise ...

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