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Electronic Component Sourcing Solutions

Our sourcing solutions are designed to help overcome supply chain obstacles.

What You Need, When You Need It

Shortages happen. Parts are discontinued. And sometimes pricing is a problem. Any of these scenarios may force you to go outside of your supply chain—and your comfort zone. But you’ll feel right at home with Sensible Micro. With our vetted supply chain network and advanced lab analysis, we have the experience to navigate complex component sourcing dilemmas.

Sensible Micro is connected to a domestic and international marketplace, and can often get you the parts you need without the hassle of long lead times or other sourcing hurdles that make buyers frustrated . Our quality control procedures ensure you get the highest quality parts, free of any substandard or suspect anomalies which can be prevalent within the electronics industry. Finally, our customer service is first class all the way. Our team understands the needs of buyers, because we are buyers ourselves, and know that communication, transparency, quality and service are what produce trusting relationships that breed loyalty.

Component sourcing, part shortages and just in time electronic component deliveries

Part Shortages

When a part is used across a number of industries, or products that use it are in high demand, the original manufacturer may experience a capacity issue, and the consequences ripple throughout the supply chain. Waiting for the original manufacturer to expand production capacity affects your ability to produce—and your bottom line. It can also force companies to use questionable suppliers out of desperation.

When you work with Sensible Micro for component sourcing, we’ll search our inventory or reach out to our global network of vetted suppliers to find you the part you need, inspect it, test it if requested and ship it to you fast... yes, it’s that easy.

Obsolete Parts

Many of the electronic components you use have a significantly shorter life cycle than the products you produce. Whether the part is difficult to find, discontinued because demand has declined, or a better solution has not been found, this can cause supply chain chaos, and leave your production line down especially in heavily regulated industries in which alternate parts cannot be utilized and re-designing is not an option.

Obsolete component sourcing can be tricky, especially if you don’t have the proper distribution partner who understands how to inspect older products. Aside from counterfeit mitigation inspection standards, confirming an older component has been stored and handled correctly requires an experienced team and highly-advanced inspection equipment, both of which Sensible Micro has excelled at for years.

BOM for electronic component sourcing

Cost Reduction

Overpriced product can pose a problem. If you’re looking to gain a competitive edge through cost reduction, our knowledgeable account managers can help. Our component sourcing team and internal data analytics crew are always working hard to find valuable opportunities for our customers and their key components for cost down spot buys or annual EAU schedules.

We can find you the product you need, at the price that’s right.

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Cross Reference Opportunities

Sometimes savings can be found in the most unlikely of places—you just have to know where to look. Our internal component sourcing team works hard to find potential alternate manufacturers or “crossing” opportunities for commodity-type components. This can result in huge cost savings and better delivery schedules.

Another major benefit of crossing is that it provides a second approved source on your AVL, which allows for more flexibility in your supply chain. Now, when shortages or EOL notifications occur, you can turn to the other manufacturer approved for your commodity item, reducing the need to spot buy or pay premiums for expedited deliveries. Let our team of experts help cross your commodity items and provide value to your growing BOM and supply chain needs.

The Sensible Approach to Electronic Component Sourcing

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