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Private Label FIOX

FioX is our private label brand of high-quality computer cabling and connectivity solutions. Manufactured in Taiwan and China but stocked in the United States. FioX offers cabling solutions at competitive prices with the shortest possible lead times.

FioX cables are manufactured to the highest quality standards in ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 facilities. By stocking products in the United States, Sensible Micro customers in need of cabling can receive their desired products quickly.

Industries Supported

USB Cables

The full range of USB cables, gender changers & adapters, port hubs, extenders & repeaters, audio converters, USB to DB9 serial converters and more enable communication and power supply for computer peripherals, PCs, smartphones, video game consoles, and more.

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DVI Cables

Providing a high-speed digital connection for visual data, FioX DVI cables are designed so that users experience no loss in quality from creation to consumption. The cables offer bandwidths that are higher than VGA, automatic plug & play through hot plug detection, and both digital and analog support in a single connector.

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HDMI Cables

The digital replacement for analog video standards, HDMI is now the most popular audio/video connection for consumer electronics. The high-speed HDMI signal carries digital audio and video at resolutions up to 1080p. FioX’s selection includes both standard and high-speed HDMI cables, adapters, mini-HDMI, and extenders.

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Lightning Cables

Designed specifically to charge and sync newer Apple devices including iPod®, iPhone®, and iPad®, FioX lightning cables have a connector head on the Lightning end measuring 5.0mm thick, 10.4mm wide, and 18.0mm long. It terminates in a standard USB male connector.

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Power Cords

Offering a full range of universal and computer power supply cords, the FioX selection includes extension cords, monitor AC power adapter cords, TV AC power cords, printer AC power cords, and European compatible power cords.

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Visit FioX to learn more about their products and their commitment to quality and their customers.