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Sensible Micro Announces Appointment of New Chief Operating Officer

Willie Geter has joined the Sensible Micro team as COO, Leader for Business Foundation Enhancements & Catalyst for ...

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April Sensible Semiconductor News Update

There are encouraging signs of an industry emerging from the worst of the disruptions over the past two years. However, the ...

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The 7 Most Important QA Certifications, Including ISO 9001:2015

In the electronics supply chain, quality is everything. Nearly identical parts may be available from a broad spectrum of ...

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5 Perks of a Distributor With an Electronic Component Inspection Lab

Sensible Micro is rare among electronic component distributors in that we house a leading QA testing lab, right inside our ...

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Where Can I Source Components to Maintain My Obsolete Inventory?

The chip shortage has continued into 2022 with signs that it could last into Q4 (or even next year). These sourcing ...

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March Sensible Semiconductor News Update

Global shortages of semiconductors and electronic components have shaken the industry to its core as the disruption carries ...

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2022 Component Breakdown: Mergers, The Chips ACT, and Shortages

It’s only March, but 2022 is already shaping up to be a transformative year for the semiconductor and electronic components ...

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9 Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions For Obsolete Components

With the worldwide chip shortage in full swing, many manufacturers have sought to mitigate the worst impacts by filling gaps ...

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Embedded System Design: SoC, FPGA, or SoC FPGA?

Embedded systems are self-contained computer hardware systems that are designed to perform a single, specific function ...

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January Sensible Semiconductor News Update

The new year is underway, and the excitement has already begun. In this month’s semiconductor news update, we’ll look at ...

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November Sensible Semiconductor News Update

The third quarter of 2021 saw remarkable revenue growth for semiconductors, especially in Europe, in spite of continued ...

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Using Safety Stock To Efficiently Manage Your Electronics Supply Chain

Safety stock or “buffer stock” is a critical tool of efficient inventory management. In a highly competitive and heavily ...

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