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The latest in electronic manufacturing, distribution and component news.

March Sensible Semiconductor News Update

In this month’s Sensible semiconductor news update, we’re taking a look at some of the big news stories impacting the ...

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6 Supply Chain Risk Management Strategies For Electronic Components

When reporting their Q4 2022 results, Ford executives pointed to a component shortage that cut output by some 100,000 units. ...

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February Sensible Semiconductor News Update

This month, our Sensible Semiconductor News Update will explore myths that have sprung up in the microelectronics industry ...

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The Impact of Inflation on Global Supply Chain Risks

How has inflation been affecting your business these days? Being a player in a global economy, your organization has to keep ...

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Lean vs. Agile Supply Chain: Where’s the Competitive Advantage?

The automotive industry is often seen as the pinnacle of lean supply chain environments. Lean supply chains emerged from the ...

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Supply Chain: 2023 Predictions

The electronics manufacturing services (EMS) market grew to more than $500 billion in 2022 and is forecast to grow at 5% ...

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5 Advanced Component Testing Capabilities At Sensible Micro

Every supplier, manufacturer, and OEM plays a role in ensuring the integrity of the components they order. It’s never enough ...

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SMC Returns As Official Sponsor For 2023 Valspar Championship

The 2023 golf season will soon be upon us, and Sensible Micro is proud to once again join the Valspar Championship as an ...

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December Sensible Semiconductor News Update

In this month’s Sensible Semiconductor News Update, we’ll take a deep dive into the landmark announcement that the DOE has ...

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Turn to Electronic Testing Services When Vetting New Suppliers

Why Vet New Suppliers? Obsolescence and product changes may require pivots in procurement. A spate of late vendor deliveries ...

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The Role of High-Power Microscopy in Component Lab Inspections

High-power optical examinations are a versatile, go-to technique that’s the workhorse of the inspection lab. Microscopy is ...

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November Sensible Semiconductor News Update

In this month’s Sensible Semiconductor News Update, we’ll explore the murky waters of ESG-positive mineral procurement, the ...

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