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Industry News: AKM Plant Fire

On Tuesday, October 20th, a fire broke out at the AKM Semiconductor factory in Nobeoka-shi, Japan. AKM Semiconductor, a ...

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ANSI/ESD S20.20 Certified Distributor

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a quick electrical shock given off by a person or other 'charged' object. In the ...

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Electronic Component Testing: Low Power Electrical

Electrical testing can be used to identify suspect parts and aid in counterfeit mitigation. It can also be used to determine ...

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Supply Chain Disruption in Electronics Manufacturing

Supply chain disruptions cause major problems for electronics manufacturers and service providers. Disruptions also draw ...

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Update: COVID-19 Impact on Electronic Component Manufacturing

Sensible Micro COVID-19 Statement:  At Sensible Micro, the health and safety of our customers, employees and community are ...

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Peripheral Component Interconnect Express

In 2002, as a result of high demand for computing bandwidth, the newest generation of Peripheral Component was introduced to ...

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Solderability Testing for Electronic Components

In the electronic components industry, solderability testing is performed to determine how well the leads on a component ...

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Electronic Component Testing: Decapsulation & Delidding

When it comes to electronic component testing, decapsulation and delidding are commonly used as part of the process for ...

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3 Reasons to Use System on Modules (SoM) in Embedded System Design

System on Modules (SoMs) are small, integrated single-board computers with standard I/O capability that are incorporated ...

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Electronic Manufacturing & Component News: June

Q3 NOR Flash ASP Expected to Drop: (Source) According to DRAMeXchange, as buyers have re-stocked, the NOR Flash ASP rose by ...

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Obsolete Electronic Component Options

On average, semiconductors and many other common electronic components go obsolete within 3 years of being introduced. When ...

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CCAP-101 Certified - Counterfeit Components Avoidance Program

Counterfeit electronic components pose a major issue to the global electronics industry, especially when it comes to ...

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