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How to Vet New Suppliers When Sourcing Electronic Components

Parts go obsolete. Products change. Vendor relationships come and go. Whatever the reason, you’ll eventually need to vet new ...

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Recycled Electronic Components & Marking Permanency Tests

The recycling of electronic components is essential to sustainable manufacturing in the semiconductor industry. However, it ...

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The Importance of Quality Assurance Certifications in the Supply Chain

Quality assurance has taken on even greater importance in the electronic components supply chain over the last few years. ...

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The 7 Most Important QA Certifications, Including ISO 9001:2015

In the electronics supply chain, quality is everything. Nearly identical parts may be available from a broad spectrum of ...

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9 Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions For Obsolete Components

With the worldwide chip shortage in full swing, many manufacturers have sought to mitigate the worst impacts by filling gaps ...

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Does Your Electronic Component Distributor Really Know Medical Tech?

Industry restrictions carefully regulate the design and manufacturing of medical devices to ensure their efficacy and ...

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ANSI/ESD S20.20 Certified Distributor

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a quick electrical shock given off by a person or other 'charged' object. In the ...

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CCAP-101 Certified - Counterfeit Components Avoidance Program

Counterfeit electronic components pose a major issue to the global electronics industry, especially when it comes to ...

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RoHS - Retinning may be a Solution

With the most recent roll-out of the Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive, also known as the EU RoHS 3, or ...

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How QMS Can Help Protect the Electronic Component Supply Chain

To mitigate the risk of potential losses and avoid quality assurance issues, it is crucial for OEM and EMS enterprises to ...

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The Economic Impact of Counterfeit Goods

Counterfeit products are present in every industry, and have been a problem for decades. From knock-off luxury or designer ...

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NIST/ DFARS Cybersecurity Self-Compliance

As of February of this year, Sensible Micro became DFARS self-compliant. With DFARS plans and documentation in place, ...

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