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Electronic Component Testing & Inspection

The latest in electronic manufacturing, distribution and component news.

Why Quality Control Inspections Matter For Electronic Components

Amid supply chain disruption and chip shortages, the market was flooded with remarked, counterfeit parts and electronic ...

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5 Advanced Component Testing Capabilities At Sensible Micro

Every supplier, manufacturer, and OEM plays a role in ensuring the integrity of the components they order. It’s never enough ...

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Turn to Electronic Testing Services When Vetting New Suppliers

Why Vet New Suppliers? Obsolescence and product changes may require pivots in procurement. A spate of late vendor deliveries ...

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The Role of High-Power Microscopy in Component Lab Inspections

High-power optical examinations are a versatile, go-to technique that’s the workhorse of the inspection lab. Microscopy is ...

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Dip-and-Look vs. Wetting Balance Methods For Solderability Testing

An important tool for older electronic component testing, solderability testing measures the “solderability” of leads, ...

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How to Vet New Suppliers When Sourcing Electronic Components

Parts go obsolete. Products change. Vendor relationships come and go. Whatever the reason, you’ll eventually need to vet new ...

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Recycled Electronic Components & Marking Permanency Tests

The recycling of electronic components is essential to sustainable manufacturing in the semiconductor industry. However, it ...

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8 Tips For Strategic Cost Reductions in the Electronics Supply Chain

Cost reduction strategies are always top-of-mind for manufacturers and buyers of electronic components, especially as ...

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How an Independent Distributor Helps With Supplier Risk Mitigation

Consolidated Relationships, Global Network Consolidation of your vendor relationships drives efficiency, but diversification ...

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The 7 Most Important QA Certifications, Including ISO 9001:2015

In the electronics supply chain, quality is everything. Nearly identical parts may be available from a broad spectrum of ...

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5 Perks of a Distributor With an Electronic Component Inspection Lab

Sensible Micro is rare among electronic component distributors in that we house a leading QA testing lab, right inside our ...

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Where Can I Source Components to Maintain My Obsolete Inventory?

The chip shortage has continued into 2022 with signs that it could last into Q4 (or even next year). These sourcing ...

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