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May Sensible Semiconductor News Update

The worst of the pandemic-induced shortages may be behind us, but the industry will still feel the effects of these ...

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April Sensible Semiconductor News Update

There are encouraging signs of an industry emerging from the worst of the disruptions over the past two years. However, the ...

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March Sensible Semiconductor News Update

Global shortages of semiconductors and electronic components have shaken the industry to its core as the disruption carries ...

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2022 Component Breakdown: Mergers, The Chips ACT, and Shortages

It’s only March, but 2022 is already shaping up to be a transformative year for the semiconductor and electronic components ...

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January Sensible Semiconductor News Update

The new year is underway, and the excitement has already begun. In this month’s semiconductor news update, we’ll look at ...

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November Sensible Semiconductor News Update

The third quarter of 2021 saw remarkable revenue growth for semiconductors, especially in Europe, in spite of continued ...

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October Sensible Semiconductor News Update

The ongoing chip shortage shows no signs of relief in the near term, but not all electronic components industry players are ...

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Global Chip Shortage Could Impact Electronic Retailers’ Holiday Season

Consumer electronics news is buzzing with the holiday impact of the global chip shortage. Retailers and distributors for ...

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Automotive Chip Shortage Gets Worse, What This Means For You

We’re closing in on 2022 and the automotive chip shortage has only gotten worse. An AlixPartners report puts the sales ...

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Navigating the Global Semiconductor Shortage

Semiconductors, chips, and capacitors continue to experience unprecedented (but not unexpected) shortages worldwide in the ...

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Authorized Line Spotlight: Reflex CES

Sensible Micro is always evaluating authorized lines to maintain a card full of well-trusted brands and products. As of ...

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The Motherboard Shortage & Resilience in the Electronics Supply Chain

Supply chains across most industries felt the substantial impact of COVID-19 at every level of production. In 2020, ...

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