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8 Benefits of Adopting Supply Chain Risk Management for Electronics

While we are starting to see some easing in electronic components supply chains in 2023, the potential for disruption ...

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6 Supply Chain Risk Management Strategies For Electronic Components

When reporting their Q4 2022 results, Ford executives pointed to a component shortage that cut output by some 100,000 units. ...

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The Impact of Inflation on Global Supply Chain Risks

How has inflation been affecting your business these days? Being a player in a global economy, your organization has to keep ...

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Lean vs. Agile Supply Chain: Where’s the Competitive Advantage?

The automotive industry is often seen as the pinnacle of lean supply chain environments. Lean supply chains emerged from the ...

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Supply Chain: 2023 Predictions

The electronics manufacturing services (EMS) market grew to more than $500 billion in 2022 and is forecast to grow at 5% ...

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December Sensible Semiconductor News Update

In this month’s Sensible Semiconductor News Update, we’ll take a deep dive into the landmark announcement that the DOE has ...

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November Sensible Semiconductor News Update

In this month’s Sensible Semiconductor News Update, we’ll explore the murky waters of ESG-positive mineral procurement, the ...

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8 Tips For Strategic Cost Reductions in the Electronics Supply Chain

Cost reduction strategies are always top-of-mind for manufacturers and buyers of electronic components, especially as ...

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The Hybrid Approach to Solving Your Components Supply Shortage

The semiconductor industry is rebounding after a tough couple of years, but there will always be shortages that disrupt ...

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How an Independent Distributor Helps With Supplier Risk Mitigation

Consolidated Relationships, Global Network Consolidation of your vendor relationships drives efficiency, but diversification ...

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The 7 Most Important QA Certifications, Including ISO 9001:2015

In the electronics supply chain, quality is everything. Nearly identical parts may be available from a broad spectrum of ...

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5 Perks of a Distributor With an Electronic Component Inspection Lab

Sensible Micro is rare among electronic component distributors in that we house a leading QA testing lab, right inside our ...

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