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2022 Component Breakdown: Mergers, The Chips ACT, and Shortages

It’s only March, but 2022 is already shaping up to be a transformative year for the semiconductor and electronic components ...

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January Sensible Semiconductor News Update

The new year is underway, and the excitement has already begun. In this month’s semiconductor news update, we’ll look at ...

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Using Safety Stock To Efficiently Manage Your Electronics Supply Chain

Safety stock or “buffer stock” is a critical tool of efficient inventory management. In a highly competitive and heavily ...

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4 Ways An Obsolescence Management Partner Drives Your Supply Chain

Obsolescence management is part careful preparation, part fortune-telling, and part resourcefulness. Your business depends ...

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Supply Chain Fallout — Top 7 Hardest Hit Industries

COVID-19 was a major catalyst for the global supply chain disruptions and shortages that have grown increasingly complex and ...

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3 Game-Changing Benefits of Vendor Consolidation

Most companies rely upon business-to-business relationships with some number of other companies to thrive — for raw ...

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Obsolescence Management Before It Becomes A Problem

Component obsolescence is considered a supply chain threat by roughly three-quarters of Electronic Design and Source Today ...

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Vendor Consolidation In The Fully Optimized Supply Chain

We’re in the midst of an upheaval in the supply chain. Supplier resilience has been a major topic of discussion, with vendor ...

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3 Reasons to Source Electronic Components From a Hybrid Distributor

The hybrid distribution model provides a powerful competitive advantage when it comes time to source electronic components. ...

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3 Purchasing Strategies That Help Electronic Component Buyers Do More With Less

The bottom line is king in the supply chain, but it takes more than a low price point to protect your budget for electronic ...

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5 Things Electronic Component Buyers Should Demand From Their Suppliers

Many companies tolerate the inconvenience of juggling a collection of suppliers and vendors that each excel in different ...

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Here's the Secret Sauce Your Electronic Component Procurement Strategy is Missing

Component procurement is built on trust. You need to know that the components you’re sourcing are authentic, quality ...

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