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3 Reasons to Source Electronic Components From a Hybrid Distributor

The hybrid distribution model provides a powerful competitive advantage when it comes time to source electronic components. ...

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3 Purchasing Strategies That Help Electronic Component Buyers Do More With Less

The bottom line is king in the supply chain, but it takes more than a low price point to protect your budget for electronic ...

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5 Things Electronic Component Buyers Should Demand From Their Suppliers

Many companies tolerate the inconvenience of juggling a collection of suppliers and vendors that each excel in different ...

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Here's the Secret Sauce Your Electronic Component Procurement Strategy is Missing

Component procurement is built on trust. You need to know that the components you’re sourcing are authentic, quality ...

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The Motherboard Shortage & Resilience in the Electronics Supply Chain

Supply chains across most industries felt the substantial impact of COVID-19 at every level of production. In 2020, ...

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9 Key Medical Supply Chain KPIs For the Economic Recovery

A recent report from Supply Chain Dive emphasized the importance of electronics supply chain upgrades (redundancy, agility, ...

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Why Hybrid Distribution = Accurate, Fast & Reliable Service

The gradual movement of worldwide commerce to the internet has profoundly impacted the electronics supply chain. With more ...

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Industry News: AKM Plant Fire

On Tuesday, October 20th, a fire broke out at the AKM Semiconductor factory in Nobeoka-shi, Japan. AKM Semiconductor, a ...

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Supply Chain Disruption in Electronics Manufacturing

Supply chain disruptions cause major problems for electronics manufacturers and service providers. Disruptions also draw ...

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Peripheral Component Interconnect Express

In 2002, as a result of high demand for computing bandwidth, the newest generation of Peripheral Component was introduced to ...

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3 Reasons to Use System on Modules (SoM) in Embedded System Design

System on Modules (SoMs) are small, integrated single-board computers with standard I/O capability that are incorporated ...

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Obsolete Electronic Component Options

On average, semiconductors and many other common electronic components go obsolete within 3 years of being introduced. When ...

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